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Lightning fast website search

Search pages, posts, and products

Search for everything all in the search modal.

Fast Search

Off-site processing prevents any slowdown on your page, even on large catalogues.

Simple Integration

Add anywhere using shortcode. No coding knowledge required!

Organised Results

Filter search results by type and category directly in the search modal.

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Why You Need An Improved WordPress Search Plugin

Super Search revolutionizes your website’s search experience, offering a powerful, lightning-fast solution that surpasses the limitations of the default WordPress search.

The standard WordPress search combines all results onto a single cluttered page, mixing posts, pages and products, making it challenging to curate the user experience and for users to locate specific items.

Enter Super Search—a game-changer in search functionality. Allowing users to refine their searches based on content type they can find what they need quickly, eliminating the need to sift through irrelevant results. 

Simple integration

Install in minutes, no coding experience required!

With Super Search, transforming your website’s search experience is as easy as 1-2-3! Anyone, regardless of coding expertise, can seamlessly integrate Super Search within minutes.

To guide you through the process, we’ve crafted a comprehensive instructional video, breaking down the installation and setup into just three simple steps.

Install our WordPress search plugin using shortcode

You can effortlessly enhance your website’s search functionality by adding Super Search anywhere on your site using a simple shortcode. Experience the power of Super Search without the hassle – install it swiftly and effortlessly, and watch your search capabilities transform instantly!

fast wordpress search plugin

See search results fast

Here’s how we make it happen:

First, you choose which data is indexed, such as title and short description. We pass this data to our servers. You can manually update the search index and we also automatically update every time a post, product or page is created or saved.

Next we streamline and normalize your site data, simplifying the structure into a single-row format that is then stored in the Super Search search index. This targeted indexing ensures that when users search, they are referencing an in-memory fast lookup, significantly enhancing the speed of search results.

On top of this, we implement additional index performance software to optimize the search speed further. The outcome? Lightning-fast search results that transform the user experience, making finding information on your site quick, efficient, and incredibly responsive.

How Super Search improved SEO for an e-commerce retailer with large product catalogue

Find out how Super Search revolutionized an online retailer’s search functionality, enhancing speed and performance even on a large product catalogue.

Responsive design for all screen sizes

Super Search is not just a powerful wordpress search plugin; it’s a versatile and responsive tool designed to adapt seamlessly to all screen sizes.

Super Search allows you to offset the search window, ensuring it fits seamlessly on both mobile and desktop interfaces. You can also select colours for your buttons, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing integration that aligns with your site’s design.

Filter by Post, Page & Product

The default WordPress search plugin mixes all our content together, making it hard to find what you need. Super Search allows users to seamlessly filter results by type for post, page, and product.

Super Search also shows a list of categories relevant to your search results. This means that users are more likely to browse categories they are interested in and be exposed to more products.

No site slowdown, no matter how large

Experience the power of Super Search without the worry of site slowdown, even on the most expansive websites.

All processing is handled by our dedicated search system. This means that all the data processing that drives the search results happens on our servers, not yours. The result is that your website stays SEO friendly even if you have a large product catalogue or expansive blog posts.



$0 /month

    • 100 unbranded searches per month, after which a small powered by SuperSearch logo will appear on the search results.
    • 200 searchable items.
    • Single site.
    • Basic Email support (two days response time).



$9.99 /month

    • 2000 unbranded searches per month, after which a small powered by SuperSearch logo will appear on the search results.
    • 1000 searchable items.
    • Single site.
    • Priority Email support.



$24.99 /month

    • 10,000 unbranded searches per month, after which a small powered by SuperSearch logo will appear on the search results.
    • 5,000 searchable items.
    • Two sites.
    • Priority Email support.



$39.99 /month

    • 20,000 unbranded searches per month, after which a small powered by SuperSearch logo will appear on the search results.
    • 10,000 searchable items.
    • Three sites.
    • Priority Email support.


*Basic email support: two days response time

Need a different plan?

Whether you’re looking for more searches, expanded searchable items, additional sites, or a higher level of support, we’re here to collaborate and create the ideal subscription plan for you.

Connect with us today to start shaping a subscription that aligns perfectly with your requirements and ensures you get the most out of Super Search.

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